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Corporate Sustainability

We strive to create a sustainable future as we believe that our business plays an essential role in society and our impact on the environment.

Earthent Group prioritizes sustainable development by balancing the need for economic growth with environmental protection and social equity.


The group and its subsidiaries concentrate on lowering their carbon footprints, packaging waste, water consumption, and overall environmental impact. We have a goal of zero waste to landfill where we plan to eliminate all discharge to landfill so that we are not shipping any wastes for treatment at a landfill. At the same time, we focus on zero-emission, where we reduce our carbon footprint is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which contributes to global warming.


The group and its subsidiaries support and approve its employees, stakeholders, and community where we treat employees fairly and be a good neighbour and community members, both locally and globally. We emphasize employee retention and engagement initiatives, including more responsive perks, including enhanced maternity and paternity benefits, flexible scheduling, and learning and development opportunities. At the same time, we have come up with various strategies to give back to the community, including fundraising, sponsorship, and investments in local public initiatives.


The group and its subsidiaries implement sustainable business practices to promote long-term profitability. We include compliance and good corporate governance where the values of stakeholders and management align in terms of how to spend resources. This is so that we can strategize and invest in new corporate sustainability methods.