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Inspiring Lives with Excellent Living Experience

A strong sense of responsibility drives every project we deliver at Earthent Group. Every home development we do aims to provide residents with an excellent living experience. Our exceptional client relationships, pioneering attitude, and commitment to quality distinguish Earthent Group as the top-preferred constructing firm among Malaysia’s property development organizations.

Our property development and construction philosophy at Earthent Group has always been about guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. We are dedicated to establishing home and work for communities in the face of ever-increasing time and financial constraints. The philosophy of Earthent Group is to improve the lives of both our residents and investors by providing the most pleasing living experience and outstanding investment possibilities.

At Earthent Group, every project is designed to fit the demands of our customers with the most fantastic deal of interest by staying up to date and implementing new construction, building, and development techniques and technologies. Earthent Group is poised to offer the most pleasing living experience and create tremendous investment possibilities for both residents and investors, with a solid track record and over two decades of expertise as a property development business in Malaysia.

Our Developments

The Kerayong Hill is renowned for its scenic landscape and quality products. With comprehensive facilities and walkable green spaces, it offers a stylish neighbourhood conducive to sustainable living. The Kerayong Hill is a gated and guarded residential situated in the up-and-coming northern corridor of Greater Klang Valley. Sited on Freehold Land totaling about 30 acres, the development is anticipated to comprise 244 units of Single Storey Terrace Houses.

This is a joint venture (JV) project between the Earthent Land, a member of Earthent Group, and BV Land Holdings Berhad. It is strategically located in Bukit Kapar, the neighbourhood of Klang. Situated in a peaceful and tranquil environment, The Kerayong Hill also comes with a park in the central of the project. Families can get together and spend some quality time. The Kerayong Hill is truly a hidden gem in Bukit Kapar that defines modernity in tradition.