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AGRICULTURE Becoming One of the Durian Exporters in Malaysia


We Plant – We Grow – We Harvest

The Industry

Malaysian Durians are unique and have sulfuric-sweet flavour compared to durians from other countries as we practice the traditional harvesting method to sustain the taste. The Malaysian Durian maintains a strong market position, particularly the Musang King Durian (D197). The demand grows year after year, particularly in China. The global market for durian includes both durian in its raw fruit form and durian-based products. By increasing our production in Earthent Group, we can meet the growing market demand and deliver the best product to our customers.

Our Crops

Durian is a Southeast Asian tropical fruit mainly cultivated in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Musang King Durian (D197) is one of the Malaysia’s most sought-after durian, famous for its appealing texture and flavour. It has a sweet, subtly bitter flavour with its golden yellow flesh that has a creamy and silky consistency and is one of the top exported varieties worldwide.

Modern Technology

As technology advances, Earthent Group is implementing contemporary agricultural technologies that will improve our plantation efficiency, allowing us to provide high-quality goods that satisfy worldwide demand continuously. This technology advancement enabled each durian to be uniquely photographed, tagged, and tracked at each stage of the supply chain.

Our Values

At Earthent Group, we have an unambiguous and principled code of conduct and ethics that all employees, contractors, and management are expected to follow every day to deter wrongdoing and promote honest and ethical conduct. As a basis for all we do, we work under a real value system that displays integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective, and honesty.

Sustainable Farming

At Earthent Group, we utilise environmental-friendly resources as we believe in sustainable farming while still providing the best quality durians to our customers. We follow a strict protocol at every step of the plantation to produce the greatest durians. One of the cultivation techniques used is the advanced grafting technique. The shoots are grafted onto ordinary adult durian trees that have been split in half and debarked to guarantee that the shoots can develop healthily.

Our Estates

Earthent Agriculture, a member of Earthent Group, has a total landbank of 15 acres in Kalumpang, Selangor. Today, the whole piece of land is fully utilised by planting about 600 Musang King Durian Trees.

To date, about 400 Musang King Durian Trees have been planted on a 10 acres agricultural land in Behrang Ulu, Perak. Earthent Agriculture, a member of Earthent Group has acquired the land in the year 2017.